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Comprehensive telemarketing campaign reporting for optimal success

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There's no question about the significant impact Avatar & Echo Telemarketing has on your business' lead generation and live transfers.

We don't just make grand promises; we demonstrate them through concrete results. Being the leading provider of outsourced telemarketing services, we fully understand the necessity of transparency and open communication for a successful campaign.

Real-time reporting with RXR

Ready to get started? With us, you can be onboarded and ready to start working with our top-rated telemarketers in less than a week. We make managing your outsourced team easy through our RXR software. Get detailed reports on call duration, who picked up the call, and even listen to recordings to ensure quality. All of this, without any hidden fees.

With RXR, our clients can:

Download and save call recordings
Interact directly with campaign managers and telemarketing teams
Get real-time updates on campaign progress

This is more than telemarketing; it's a partnership forged on complete transparency and trust

Week-to-week agreement. No Contracts. Cancel anytime
Detailed reporting

In-depth insights and full control

With Avatar & Echo telemarketing, you're never in the dark

You get full control over the Hot Live Transfer process, gaining insights into:
  • The number of calls our telemarketers handle

  • The waiting duration between calls

  • The number of quality transfers they generate

Call Recordings Library
Weekly Reports

Exceeding expectations with Avatar & Echo Telemarketing

Our data-driven telemarketing reporting equips you with the insights needed to make informed decisions.

We align expectations and strive to surpass them, providing you with comprehensive and precise information to manage your outsourced telemarketing agents as if they were in your office.

Why settle for less when you can have the best?

Ditch untrained, accented telemarketers who fall short in delivering results. Choose Avatar & Echo Telemarketing - offering superior services at affordable rates.

Our state-of-the-art technology transforms possibilities into realities, making us the best business decision you can make. Get started with just a click or a call today.

Week-to-week agreement. No Contracts. Cancel anytime

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