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Discover the power of data-driven telemarketing.

Detailed reporting for telemarketing campaigns to ensure maximum effectiveness.

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There's no denying the substantial influence that our outsourcing services have on your company.

We don't just make big claims; we back them up with tangible outcomes. As the top supplier of outsourced services, we recognize the need of openness and transparency in order to run a successful campaign.

Reporting in real time with RXR

Are you ready to begin? You can get onboarded and ready to work alongside our top-rated agents in less than a week. Using our RXR platform, we make it simple to manage your outsourced crew. Get full information on call duration and who answered the phone, as well as listen to recordings to guarantee quality. All of this comes with no additional costs.

With RXR, you can:

Call recordings can be downloaded and saved.
Interact with campaign managers and agents teams directly.
Receive real-time campaign progress reports.

Explore how data-driven outsourced calling services can transform your sales strategy.

Week-to-week agreement. No Contracts. Cancel anytime
thorough reporting

Deep insights, total control

You'll never be in the dark with us

Take complete control gaining data of:
  • Quantity of phone calls your agents make

  • Amount of time spent in between calls

  • Quantity of high-quality transfers they generate

Call Recordings Library
Weekly Reports

Beyond expectations

Our data-driven reports provides you with the information you need to make sound decisions.

We align expectations and attempt to exceed them by giving you with detailed information that allows you to manage your outsourced agents as if they were in your office.

Don't compromise, aim for the best

Eliminate accent barriers, inexperienced agents who can't seem to get results. Opt for our outsourcing services, which provide excellent services at excellent prices.

With our cutting-edge technology, we turn ideas into reality, making us the greatest choice for your organization. With only a click or phone call, get started right now.

Week-to-week agreement. No Contracts. Cancel anytime