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Telemarketing Outsourcing

3000 Telemarketers on the phone
Accent eliminating software
Interview and select your team
No scam likely calls
Week to week agreement
Fast setup 
15 years of experience

Scroll down to see and hear our agents 

V Shape
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Let us build your virtual telemarketing phone room. 


Lead Generation or Donor Creation, easy as 1-2-3.

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CHOOSING Your Solution:

Not sure what kind of accent eliminating software-powered telemarketing agents you need for your telemarketing as a service campaign? Call us; we are happy to explain the differences and advantages of Avatar and Echo powered telemarketers.

If this describes your campaign:

  • Business-to-Business

  • Opt-in Data

  • Charities and PACs


If this describes your campaign:

  • Consumers

  • Complicated Qualification

  • Calling Cell Phones


How It Works
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REAL clients. 
REAL results.

"How many other outbound call centers did we try?

At least 12 in India and the Philippines. They all failed because of the accents. Avatar & Echo telemarketing outsourcing works, the agents don't have accents and prospects listen to what they say."

— Debt Settlement

Software Managed.

In late 2018 we revolutionized the telemarketing outsourcing world with our RXR call center management software. For the first time sales, companies could outsource their entire lead generation rooms without losing any of the ability to monitor and manage agents in real-time. Of course, we have the reports that you need to measure success and find agents who need to improve, but the real value is in the simplicity of remotely monitoring and managing your team through our software. Treat and manage our agents just like they were sitting in the call center right next to your office. You have complete control for about 40% of the cost and with zero headaches. 

Outsourced Call Center Reporting
Telemarketing Outsourcing Cash

Stop wasting MONEY.
Start making SALES!


YOUR vertical.

Auto Insurance 
Auto Warranty 
Health Insurance 
Health Supplement 
Pain Cream 

Medical Alert 

Male Enhancement 
Life Insurance 
Dental Insurance 
Final Expense 
Home Improvement 

Tax Resolution 
Credit Report/Debt 

Debt Consolidation 
Debt Settlement 
Debt Collection 
Student Loans 
Merchant Services 

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