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"American-run, they get lead generation. Avatar & Echo delivers the lowest cost, qualified leads.”
Outbound call calling services

Your premier cold calling services provider

Looking to scale your business swiftly without breaking the bank? We are the #1 choice for outsourcing cold calling services.

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We are not just expert cold callers, we are your strategic partner in growth

With over 15 years of experience, we have mastered the art of lead generation and turned cold calling into a science.
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Cold callers for hire

Hire cold callers who drive your success

Imagine having a team of experienced telemarketers on speed dial, ready to spring into action with the right tools at a fraction of the cost.

That's exactly what you get when you choose our B2B cold calling services. We offer the luxury of interviewing and selecting your agents, who then use your script, call list, and schedule to deliver stellar results.

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No script? No data? No problem!

We collaborate with industry data brokers and offer scripting assistance to ensure success.
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AI-driven DID rotator mechanism

Expand Your Audience, Not Your Spam Rating:

Customized Telemarketing with AI-Driven Accuracy!

We are aware of the annoyance of calls being reported as spam or perhaps fraudulent, and we know how to prevent it. To stay ahead of the competition, we differentiate ourselves from other telemarketing outsourcing businesses by using a cutting-edge, patented AI-powered DID rotator system.

This cutting-edge technology efficiently compares your area code to that of your prospect, resulting in a marked increase in call pick-up rates. This cutting-edge telemarketing strategy makes sure that your message is heard, improving client connections and increasing conversions.
Week-to-week agreement. No Contracts. Cancel anytime

Unleash scalability with our cold calling outsourcing services

Business growth has never been this simple. Once you've picked your team, our RXR software lets you manage and monitor your outsourced cold calling effortlessly.

You can access detailed reports, review call recordings, and maintain direct communication with your agents. All that’s left is for you to watch your business scale.

Compliance & effectiveness: our top priorities

At Avatar & Echo Telemarketing, we take pride in our cold callers for hire who maintain high standards of compliance. We ensure that our calls are not marked as "scam likely," preserving your business reputation.

Our American-run call center operates under strict guidelines to ensure every call resonates with your brand's voice.

Cold calling services that deliver

Our cold callers don't just make calls. They prospect your calling list, transfer hot leads to your closers in real-time, set appointments, and even make direct sales.

With us, you get comprehensive, cost-effective solutions, freeing you from the overhead of HR, payroll, equipment, and training.

Week-to-week agreement. No Contracts. Cancel anytime
Cold calling services

Why work with us?

Over 15 years of experience and more than 3,000 telemarketers in the Philippines.
No long-term commitments, and no setup fees – just week-to-week agreements that give you total flexibility.
Expert agents with no accents and highly skilled in managing calls.
American-run call center, focused on compliance, quality and transparency.
We make sure that our agents' calls aren't marked as "scam likely," so your prospects trust your business from the start.
We're experts in your industry.
We believe in total transparency. Communicate directly with your agents to give feedback and ensure success.
Scale your business by having our telemarketers prospect the calling list you provide, transferring hot leads to your closers in real-time.
Use our telemarketers to make hot transfers to your closers, set appointments, or make direct sales – the choice is yours.
With our low pricing, we help you avoid the overhead of human resources, payroll, equipment, training, and time.
Week-to-week agreement. No Contracts. Cancel anytime

Program managed

Prepare to transform your sales strategy! Introducing RXR contact center management software, which is revolutionizing the telemarketing outsourcing industry! Say goodbye to the headache of on-site monitoring and management of your lead generating staff. You can supervise your agents remotely in real-time using our software, exactly as if they were right next to you in your office.

Our cutting-edge software provides you with total control at a fraction of the expense of traditional on-site administration. You'll also like the ease with which our reports let you assess achievement and identify areas for improvement. There will be no more problems or frustrations with ineffective lead generation rooms.

Join the numerous sales organizations that have already discovered the potential of RXR. Don't put it off any longer; start optimizing your sales process immediately and enjoy amazing success!

Experience exceptional results with our expert cold callers

Join the growing number of businesses that have seen incredible results by choosing us as their partner for cold calling outsourcing.

Our rates start at just $7 per hour per agent.

Get in touch with us today and let our cold callers for hire revolutionize your business.
Remember, your success is our success. We're ready when you are.

Frequently asked questions.

How will Avatar & Echo Telemarketing make us money?

With Avatar & Echo Telemarketing, you don’t need to hire more staff or make additional operational expenditures. When your closers are consistently on the phone, closing more deals, and their utilization score improves, Avatar will more than pay for itself. With Avatar you get MORE appointment setting, more lead generation, and more live transfers; LESS expense, overhead, and hassle. Call when you’re ready to stop wasting money and start making sales.

Am I breaking the law by using Avatar & Echo Telemarketing?

No. Avatar & Echo Telemarketing is 100% compliant. Our outbound call centers operate under full compliance with state and federal regulations.

Do Avatar & Echo Telemarketing agents have accents?

No. Our telemarketers are highly skilled, trained, and non-accented. All have college degrees and are drug and background-tested for your peace of mind. Our call centers are American-run and 100% compliant.

How long is the Avatar & Echo Telemarketing agreement?

Say goodbye to long-term contracts! We don’t hold our customers hostage with a long-term agreement. The Avatar agreement is week-to-week. Our customers stay because Avatar works; we make them money and their sales are consistent. We don’t want you locked into a contract. We will earn your business every week!

Who pays for the agents training period?

At Avatar & Echo Telemarketing, we deploy telemarketers on a weekly basis. Operating at economies of scale means our training costs are so low that your telemarketing agents will receive training at NO COST to you with NO set-up costs. You read that right! We know it works and we want you as a client.

What are the responsibilities of Avatar & Echo Telemarketing clients?

When you work with Avatar-powered telemarketers, there’s not much you’re responsible for! All you have to do is:

  • Set your telemarketers’ schedule
  • Supply a script
  • Provide the call list
  • Get us the credentials to set them up on dialers (if needed)
  • Manage them as you would in-office telemarketing agents
  • Grow your sales!
What services does Avatar & Echo Telemarketing provide?

At Avatar & Echo Telemarketing, we know what it takes to run a successful campaign. We provide comprehensive services, including:

  • Persuasive, enthusiastic, reliable telemarketers who meet our exacting qualifications
  • Fulfillment of all hiring requirements
  • Rigorously-trained campaign manager
  • Script formulation with rebuttal list
  • The ability to scale your team up or down based on your needs, from single seat telemarketing to multi-seat telemarketing teams
  • Mock call sessions
  • Detailed reporting and campaign transparency
  • Predictive dialer
  • Campaign evaluations
Is telemarketing campaign reporting provided?

Absolutely. We know that outsourced telemarketing requires clear reporting and full control over the hot transfer process. That’s why our clients see EVERYTHING their single agent telemarketing or multi-seat telemarketing teams are doing. Read more on our reporting practices here.

Does Avatar & Echo Telemarketing help with campaign management?

Outsourced telemarketing requires transparency and experienced oversight. That’s why with every Avatar-powered team you get a specialized management launch team with a dedicated campaign manager. Our highly experienced campaign managers must meet our stringent qualifications and provide hourly updates on your campaign.

Can Avatar & Echo Telemarketing call cell phones?

Our Call Cells Legally software allows our telemarketers to dial cell phones without breaking any laws. We are committed to staying 100% complaint with state and federal regulations. Learn more about our Call Cells Safely software here.

Week-to-week agreement. No Contracts. Cancel anytime

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