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Expert Telemarketers Ready to Dial

Tough Philippine Telemarketers

Our Telemarketers Convert Rejections Into Sales

Fast Setup, No Hassle. Just Provide Your Script and Go!

Don't Hire Any Telemarketer... Hire the Most Experienced Telemarketers

Week-to-Week Contracts, 99% Client Renewal Rate


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Call Us to Save 73% on Your Telemarketing

Talk to us about building your boiler room ready telemarketing team today

Need Telemarketers?

Call us today and interview telemarketers from our existing pool of skilled professionals. Manage them just like if they worked in your call center. They work in our state-of-the-art facility. We have hundreds of successful campaigns in all verticals from one agent on a team to hundreds. 

Avatar & Echo

Stop Wasting Time
Start Making Sales

We build you a virtual telemarketing room based on best practices in our state-of-art facility. Our agents are carefully tested, selected, and trained. We then use our accent elimination software to dial in the perfect voice, so prospects are the most receptive. Best of all, you can interview and select your agents and manage them through our software just like you would manage your agents in the US.  Find out how fast you can get our center as a service for your business and start making more money today.


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"How many other outbound call centers did we try? At least 12 in India and the Philippines. They all failed because of the accents. Avatar & Echo telemarketing outsourcing works, the agents don't have accents and prospects listen to what they say."


"With the RXR we manager our team and it feels like we are in the middle of the action. The software is amazing and we run better then we did when we had the call center here. It's amazing that they turned the complex process of running a call center into a service!"


"American-run, they get lead generation. Avatar & Echo delivers the lowest cost, qualified leads. Its as east to get as signing up for their service. Listen to what they say – they know the business."

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