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Multi-Agent Telemarketing

Avatar & Echo 


If you are a business with a high outbound call volume and/or sales capacity, break free from the failure-ridden telemarketing cycle and outsource your call center. We offer a program for businesses that need more than a single telemarketing agent. With Avatar & Echo Telemarketing, you can outsource your entire call center.


We provide the advanced services you need to maximize your telesales budget and see real return on investment with qualified live lead transfers. No more wasting your salespeople’s time (and your money) with thousands of ineffective cold calls. Our telemarketing professionals generate warm, qualified leads so all your closers have to do is sit back and sell. Get started today and take advantage of our 100% USA-run call centers, professional representatives, and wide range of telemarketing solutions designed to keep your costs low and help you make more money!


Call Avatar & Echo Telemarketing when you’re ready to:


  • Spend less money

  • Work with the experts

  • Get full transparency and control

  • Ensure success

Make More Money: Outsource Your Call Center

Build Your Own Virtual Call Center

We build out fully-equipped virtual call centers for our clients, eliminating the need for in-house telemarketing. Why make the significant upfront investments in the facilities and equipment in-house telemarketing operations require? You’ll be shelling out tons of money before making a single sale! There’s no point in risking huge capital expenditures when you can simply hire Avatar & Echo Telemarketing on a week-to-week basis. We’ve already invested in the best equipment and technology, and we’ve already trained thousands of highly qualified and professional telemarketing agents. We’re experts at generating high-quality live lead transfers for our clients, and we’re ready to put that sales muscle to work for you. 

How It Works

To start, we provide six to ten Avatar-powered telemarketers and one manager. Each will work 40 hours per week (with a one-hour lunch break) on a weekly agreement.

  • Client has the ability to set the call times. Our telemarketers work for you!

  • Client is responsible for a phone system that can both handle the volume of transfers and have the correct configuration. It is recommended that the client have a ring group configured and at least one free phoneline per telemarketer exclusive of back office requirements.

  • Client has access to our technical support group, which is available to assist free of charge.

  • Client has access to a real-time reporting portal that tracks all calls and transfers, allowing the client to see their progress in real time with 100% transparency.

Scale Up or Down Based On Your Needs

  • Clients can increase their team on a weekly basis as necessary, requesting up to 30 additional telemarketing reps per week.

  • Clients can also decrease their team as necessary, as long as the minimum headcount of five telemarketing reps is maintained.


Persuasive, Enthusiastic, Reliable, Telemarketers

All Avatar & Echo Telemarketing agents are:

  • Unaccented

  • College graduates

  • Drug-tested and background-checked

  • Telesales experienced with at least six months in our call center

  • Proven, with a track record of hitting sales goals

  • Perfect attendance record holders

  • Able to self-manage

  • Experienced with sales reporting/goal-setting

  • Comfortable scheduling appointments

  • Competent in identifying qualified prospects

  • Able to memorize and deliver sales scripts

  • Knowledgeable on how to deliver a sales pitch and how to handle objections and evasions

Our Rigorous Screening Process Sends You The BEST!

When you use Avatar & Echo Telemarketing for your multi-agent telemarketing outsourcing we will provide all hiring requirements, including:

  • Background criminal checks

  • Speech training

  • Management

  • English comprehension testing

  • Office space

  • Payroll

  • New computers

  • Telephone (unless you provide)

  • Full HR package

  • Telegram

  • IT support

  • Skype

Start Generating Live Lead Transfers Today 

Outsourcing your call center with Avatar & Echo Telemarketing will be the best business decision you ever make. With one phone call to our sales rep, you’ll be delegating a difficult and complex business function to the experts. Focus on growing your business and signing contracts: We’ll make your closers’ phones ring. Choose us when you’re ready to focus on your core business competencies, close more deals, and make more money! 

Interested in our Multi-Agent Telemarketing Program? Contact Avatar & Echo Telemarketing today at (800) 970-9739 to speak with one of our sales reps.

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