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Join our partner program and start earning for referrals now! 

We make it easy for resellers like you to refer your current telemarketing or fundraising clients who utilize outsourced telemarketing agents or outbound call centers to Avatar & Echo Telemarketing. Simply offer a warm introduction, sit back and wait for your commission check! You don’t need to know how to sell Avatar & Echo Telemarketing services, and there is NO CAP on commissions through our partner program. Minimum reseller earnings are $1,600/month! What are you waiting for? Start making money for referrals today.

Make Money With Our Partner Program!

Avatar & Echo Telemarketing Partner Program FAQ Guide

Interested in Avatar & Echo Telemarketing’s partner program? Check here for answers to the most frequently asked questions. If your question isn’t answered, give our team a call at (800) 970-9739.

How much can I earn?

$100,000/month+*! *With over 50+ resellers, we hand out monthly commission checks of over $100,000 to 50+ reseller partners. This amount does not include their increase in data sales. There is no cap on commissions with our partner program, so the limit is up to you!

I’m busy. Does this take a lot of time?

No. Our telemarketing partner program is as easy as pushing a button. You can triple your income without any extra effort. Just refer us to your client(s), offer a warm introduction, and wait for your commission check.

How does your partner program work?

Simply refer us your telemarketing or fundraising clients who utilize outsourced telemarketing agents or outbound call centers. Once a client joins, you’ll earn a sizable residual commission every month. The more you refer, the more money you earn!

Are commissions capped?

Absolutely not. The more clients you refer and the larger they grow with Avatar, the more money you will earn. There’s nothing to lose and no limits on what you can earn, plus you’re referring clients to an amazing resource that will make them money. It’s a win-win-win situation!

Will I need to learn how to sell Avatar & Echo Telemarketing’s services?

Nope! You don’t have to learn to sell our outsourced telemarketing services, leave that to us. Just tell your clients about our amazing services, introduce them to us, and we’ll handle the rest. All you’ll need to focus on is cashing your commission checks.

What is the length of the contract?

The Reseller Agreement is a one-year contract, which gives you ample time to refer clients and earn a sizeable residual income.

Can I extend my contract length?

Absolutely. After the one-year term, we offer an automatic renewal for another one-year extension. Continue to refer clients, and earn, earn, earn!

How many clients can I refer?

There’s no limit and no commission cap! Refer as many clients as you can to maximize your earnings!

How will Avatar & Echo Telemarketing protect my client base?

We are strictly a call center offering telemarketing and fundraising services. We do NOT sell or resell data of any kind. We leave that up to you—the data experts.

How many resellers do you have?

We have over 50+ resellers in our partner program. All our partners have increased their income significantly and expanded their data sales.

Why partner with data providers?

Our telemarketing agents run through immense amounts of data (100K worth of data a week/client). Since our clients require a LOT of data, they will increase their data purchases from you after signing up for our services. It’s a win-win!

What are commissions based off of?

Partners set their own commission markup for Avatar agents. Standard telemarketing agent costs are $5 per hour and typical reseller markups are 50 cents – $1 per hour.

Call Avatar & Echo Telemarketing today at (800) 970-9739 with additional questions, or fill out our online contact form. A member of our sales team will be in touch!