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Telemarketing Campaign


Detailed Reporting & Campaign Transparency for Telemarketing Services

There’s no doubt about it: Our impact on your lead generation and live transfers will be HUGE.


But we’re not just going to tell you that. We’ll show you. 

Avatar & Echo Telemarketing is the leading provider of outsourced telemarketing services, so we know the importance of transparency and information sharing for campaign success. That’s why our clients get access to our real time reporting portal (RXR), which allows them to view all telemarketer activity in real time. 


RXR allows our clients to:

  • Download and save recordings

  • Communicate with managers and telemarketing teams

  • Access their campaign managers’ hourly campaign progress reports

Clear Reporting. Complete Transparency.

Our clients see everything and have full control over the Hot Transfer process. Don’t stay with an outsourced telemarketing services provider that keeps you in the dark. Choose Avatar & Echo Telemarketing and see what your telemarketing agents are doing, including:  


  • Number of calls they are taking

  • Wait time between calls

  • How many quality transfers they are creating


You can even listen to calls! We record your closers, so you can see how your team handles the transfers. Good transfers are rated by the amount of time the prospect spends with your closer. This is usually 30 seconds, but can be set to your exact specification.


Our Assurance

Avatar & Echo Telemarketing reporting allows our clients to make data-driven decisions. We’ll set expectations and then work with you to exceed them.


We want you to manage your outsourced telemarketing agents as you would in-office telemarketers and give you the clear and detailed information you need to do so.


Don’t pay for accented, untrained telemarketers who won’t get you results. Avatar & Echo Telemarketing charges less and provides better services than the competition and our technology makes miracles happen. It’s an easy choice. The best business decision you’ll ever make is just a call or click away.

Call us at (800) 970-9739 today and start getting more appointment setting, more lead generation, more live transfers!

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