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Hiring a Single Agent Telemarketer

Let Our Telemarketers Make You Rich.

Recruiting, interviewing, on-boarding, and training new telemarketers is a drain on your time and resources. Even if you manage to find a good telemarketer, with the astronomical burnout and turnover rate for U.S. telemarketers, you’ll soon find yourself running that Craigslist ad again. None of this helps you make money! Avatar & Echo Telemarketing is your secret weapon to close more sales and make more money, all for the lowest possible cost per acquisition.

Cut Your Costs & Make More Money!

It’s time to get out of the hire and fire cycle. You can interview and manage your telemarketers as if they were in the office! New to lead generation? No problem. We’ll help you establish best practices so your campaign is successful. We start at just $4.50/hour.

All of our telemarketers are:

  • College graduates

  • Drug-tested and background-checked

  • Minimum six months telesales experience in our call center

  • Proven track record of hitting sales goals

  • Perfect attendance records

  • Ability to self-manage

  • Understanding of sales reporting/goal-setting

  • Comfortable scheduling appointments

  • Competent to identify qualified prospects

  • Able to memorize and deliver sales scripts

  • Deep-level understanding of the vertical

  • Quick to learn new verticals

  • Skilled at handling objections

We provide:

  • Experienced agents

  • Office space

  • Payroll

  • New computers

  • Telephone (unless you provide)

  • Full HR package

  • Telegram

  • IT support

  • Skype

  • Benefits

All you need to do is:

  • Set their schedule

  • Supply a script

  • Provide the call list

  • Facilitate credentials to set agents up on dialers (if desired)

  • Manage agents as you would an in-office agent


It’s time to stop wasting money and start making sales! More appointment setting. More lead generation. More live transfers.

Call today to learn more: (800) 970-9739


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