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Best Practices for Working with Your Outsourced Telemarketer

Tips for working with an outsourced telemarketing agent

So you’ve made the decision. You’ve joined the ranks of cutting-edge companies choosing to outsource their telemarketing services to an advanced and experienced call center, with hundreds or even thousands of highly knowledgeable and experienced telemarketing agents ready to handle your account. Congratulations on taking this step! So now the question is: How do you maximize this new opportunity?

You want to get the most out of your outsourced telemarketer. We want to help you. Follow these best practices in order to achieve optimal results through your new outsourced telemarketing campaign. As you begin this new relationship with your single agent telemarketer, follow these guidelines.

Use the Right Technology

If your telemarketer isn’t using an automated dialer, the cards are stacked against them. An auto dialer allows your agent to call two to three times the number of contacts per hour! Here at Avatar & Echo Telemarketing, we recommend using Phoneburner—an incredibly effective agency that offers our customers a seven-day free trial. Note that we NEVER accept third party payments or commissions of any kind; you can always trust our recommendations as genuine.

Think of Your Outsourced Agent as an Employee

You know your business inside and out. From the culture to the sales process to success metrics and more, you know how to incorporate your employees into your business, and the best way to address this new relationship with your outsourced telemarketer is to treat him/her like your newest employee. Spend time with them and accustom them to your business.

Some helpful tips include:

  • Provide a prepared script.

  • Prepare your agent to handle common objections.

  • Work with your agent at least 30 minutes a day—preferably first thing in the morning before calls commence.

  • “Role play” that you are the other side of cold calls and give your agent plenty of time to practice.

  • Create a Skype account in order to set up easy, straightforward communication with your agent.

Talk with Your Telemarketer Three times a Day

It’s also important to stay in frequent contact with your telemarketer. We recommend staying touching base with your telemarketer three times a day at minimum. Here’s an example of a recommended schedule:

A.M. prep & questions: Run through any objections your agent is encountering or any issues with the script. Ensure that everything is running smoothly, your telemarketer is able to properly use the equipment and set up live transfers, and he/she has a chance to raise any questions they might have.

Mid-day update: Check to see how the shift is progressing. This is a good opportunity to run through the script or even role play a call.

Post-shift meeting: Find out how your telemarketer did and if they faced any challenges in reaching their goal for that day. How can you address those challenges for a better result tomorrow? Does the script need work? Does your telemarketer need more practice time with you? Find solutions so you can keep progressing in effectiveness.

Make More Money!

At Avatar & Echo Telemarketing, we truly believe that telemarketing through our outsourced system is one of the most effective choices you can make as a business. Our goal is to provide highly skilled and trained telemarketers, but the real magic happens when you take the time necessary to help your agent from Avatar & Echo get to know your unique business. Ultimately, the success of your campaign is on you. We’re here to provide all the help, support, and resources we can along the way. By following these best practices, we are confident that you will be well on your way to reaching your goals.

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