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Avatar & Echo Telemarketing


Standard with our Service

  • Script Assistance – You receive assistance in developing the perfect sales pitch with qualifying questions and rebuttals.

  • Campaign Management – You get a specialized management launch team with a dedicated campaign manager providing hourly updates on your campaign.

  • Campaign Reporting – We provide access to our real-time reporting portal with key campaign metrics.

  • Live Transfers – You get only qualified leads; telemarketers who force transfers are removed! We take quality seriously.

  • Avatar Soundboard or Echo Software– Your agents come with our proprietary access elimination software.

  • No Set-Up Costs – You read that right! We know our programs work and we want you as a client.

  • Technical Support – We’ll provide aid with client-side telephone configuration to ensure you’re set up to receive our live transfers.

  • No Long-Term Contract – You’ll receive week-to-week invoicing. Our program works and we will earn your business every week by making you money.

Telemarketing Agents

All Avatar & Echo Telemarketing agents are:


  • College graduates

  • Drug-tested and background-checked

  • Telesales experienced with at least six months in our call center

  • Proven, with a track record of hitting sales goals

  • Perfect attendance record holders

  • Able to self-manage

  • Experienced with sales reporting/goal-setting

  • Comfortable scheduling appointments

  • Competent in identifying qualified prospects

  • Able to memorize and deliver sales scripts

  • Knowledgeable on how to deliver a sales pitch through the Avatar soundboard and how to handle objections and evasions


Additionally, our rigorous screening process sends you only the best telemarketing agents by providing all the following hiring requirements:


  • Background criminal checks              

  • Speech training

  • Management

  • English comprehension testing

  • Office space   

  • Payroll

  • New computers

  • Telephone (unless you provide)        

  • Full HR package

  • Telegram

  • IT support

  • Skype


All you need to do is:

  • Set their schedule

  • Supply a script

  • Provide the call list

  • Get us the credentials to set them up on dialers if needed

  • Manage them as you would an in-office agent

  • Grow your sales

Rigorously Trained Campaign Manager

Every outsourced telemarketing team includes a manager to secure your campaigns’ success. We guarantee that every assigned outsourced telemarketing campaign manager will be:


  • Highly experienced, with at least six months proficiency running an outbound telemarketing campaign

  • Able to communicate verbally and in writing

  • Dedicated solely to your campaign

  • Qualified to run a predictive dialer, generate reports, and listen to and analyze calls

  • Capable of troubleshooting minor technical issues

  • Adept at understanding escalation procedures for both Avatar & Echo Telemarketing and your company

  • Authorized to track attendance, train telemarketers on the nuances of the client script and product, discipline staff, and replace non-performing reps


Revolutionary Accent-Erasing Technology

As the leader in providing outsourced telemarketing services, early on Avatar & Echo recognized that accented telemarketers yield poor lead generation. That’s why we developed our industry-changing software to eliminate accents. Our foreign-accent removing software works like magic: Telemarketers sound like Wall Street pros and will deliver your pitch with confidence and conviction!


Scale Your Team Up Or Down Based On Your Needs

Our clients can increase or decrease their outsourced telemarketing team on a weekly basis as necessary, requesting up to 30 telemarketing reps per week. In order to qualify for Echo team pricing minimum is five telemarketing reps.


Additional Services

  • Script formulation with rebuttal list – As highly experienced script writers, we can work with you to deliver effective, tailor-made scripts and soundboards.

  • Mock call sessions – We conduct mock call sessions designed to simulate the real environment and give telemarketers experience with client interaction.

  • Detailed reporting and campaign transparency – We provide you with access to our real time reporting portal (RXR), which allows you to view all agent activity, download and save recordings, communicate with managers and telemarketing teams, and have access to managers’ hourly Campaign Progress Report.

  • Data posting – Leads and appointments can be posted in real-time to your system, free of charge. A formal request and two day’s notice for setup and testing is all that is required!

  • Predictive dialer – The Echo dialer is state of the art, complies with all state and federal laws, can dial cell phones legally and filter for cell phones if necessary, and includes our built-in proprietary soundboard for real sounding conversations.

  • Campaign transparency – We develop a transfers per hour rate (TPH) from historical numbers and monitor hourly. If the client is not hitting the historical TPH, we immediately know something is wrong and communicate with the client to evaluate the script and troubleshoot the issue.

Contact Avatar & Echo Telemarketing today to learn more about our telemarketing services! Call (800) 970-9739 or complete our online form; a sales rep will be in touch.

We’re the experts in accent eliminating software powered telemarketing outsourcing. 

At Avatar & Echo Telemarketing, our platforms were built to ensure the success of your cold calling campaign by eliminating agent accents. Whether you’re in the market for a single live telemarketing agent or a multi-seat telemarketing team, our company has the resources to help you hit your goals. We utilize advanced technology that assures regulatory compliance and provides effective, sales-oriented tools for our team of telemarketing experts, providing ongoing live lead transfers so your closers can do what they do best.

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