When it comes to telefundraising for your political action committee (PAC), professional fundraising (PFR) campaign, or charity, choose to work with the professionals. 

Avatar & Echo Telemarketing for Telefundraising Campaigns

We can create your very own virtual telefundraising team—starting at $3.50 per agent per hour all-inclusive for Avatar soundboard agents or $6 for a live Echo agent. 

Start with as little as 10 agents and grow to hundreds of agents without any capital expenditures and a week-to-week agreement. Our turnkey solution can include the agents, the pledge verifiers, managers, and coaches plus the call center space and all of the services that keep them creating pledges. Our compliant dialing platforms can legally call landlines or cell phones. And our agents are either powered by our Avatar or Echo accent-erasing software. 

If you are a PFR (professional fundraiser), we offer a private label solution that lets you present your team as your brand. We remain behind the scenes. So, if you need to expand your existing team or are looking to dramatically lower your fundraising costs, we are your turnkey solution.


We have over 40 million landlines or 240 million cell phones that are included in your campaign. No need to pay for extra data. If you have specific lists to call or re-donation lists, you can have your team call those as well.

Collection Methods & Donor Verification 

We can do the donor verification on our end or send the calls to your team of verifiers if that is part of your process. Our verifies can process credit cards or send text messages with credit card payment links for collections. If you want to handle the verification, we can transfer the donors to your office. Your newly-created donors’ data can transmitted to the system of your choice, to your fulfillment house in real time, or as a file at the end of the shift.

Which Program Is Right For You?

Use the form below to determine which Avatar & Echo Telemarketing program fits the needs of your operation.

Choose to Call Landlines or Cell Phones

We have a separate, compliant dialer for each set of government regulations. If you call landlines, you can use our Avatar-powered agents who use our soundboard to generate donors and donations. If you want to call cellphones, we have a manual, click-to-call solution that uses our live agents who are coached by our Echo software. You can even run a landline and cellphone campaign team for the same campaign simultaneously!

Everything Is Included!

Our prices include everything—you’ll have NO out-of-pocket expenses. We handle all of the recruiting, training, HR, IT, office space, computers, predictive dialer or click-to-call system, payroll, and taxes.  And because of our accent-elimination technology, your cost per agent is as much as 80% less than what it costs to telefundraise in the US!

Go with the Leader

With over 1500 agents on the telephone, no one creates more donors and donations than Avatar & Echo Telemarketing. On average, we create one new donor per hour, per agent—that’s 1500 new donors per hour, every hour. Our state-of-the-art, 80,000-meter call center is purposefully built for telefundraising. We offer best practices in an American-run and managed facility.

As the inventors of the Avatar and Echo accent elimination technologies, we know that accent-free conversations are paramount in converting potential prospects into giving donors who send their pledges back.

Call Avatar & Echo Telemarketing today at (800) 970-9739 and find out how we can dramatically accelerate your pledge creation process.

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