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Why You Should Outsource


Make More Money: Hire Us to Do Your Cold Calling

Considering outsourced telemarketing? Hiring the right outbound call center will provide many benefits to your business. Below are a few of the top reasons why you should outsource your cold calling campaign rather than bring your outbound telemarketing in-house.

1.    Spend Less & Make More 

There are many benefits of outsourced telemarketing for your business, but let’s cut to the chase. Outsourcing your telemarketing to Avatar & Echo Telemarketing means you’ll spend less and make more.

  • Minimizing Capital Investments – In-house telemarketing operations require significant upfront investments in facilities and equipment. You’ll be shelling out tons of money before making a single sale. Why take the risk and make huge capital expenditures when you can simply hire Avatar & Echo Telemarketing on a week-to-week contract basis? We’ve already invested in the best equipment & technology and we’re experts at generating high-quality live lead transfers for our clients. 

  • Reducing Fixed Costs – Operating expenses for an internal call center will stack up fast. At Avatar & Echo Telemarketing, we take care of all the hiring, screening, and logistical requirements for your cold calling team. Outsourcing your telemarketing to us will reduce fixed costs and allow you the flexibility to scale your team up or down.

Still think an in-house telemarketing team can compete with the cost of our outsourced telemarketing services? Make sure to factor in the true costs, including equipment, training, holiday pay, and insurance.


2. Work With the Experts

We are the telemarketing experts. Our name is synonymous with the technology we invented that revolutionized the telesales industry. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Our agency brings you proven processes and experienced campaign management almost instantly. 

Work with Avatar & Echo Telemarketing and get: 

  • Improved Performance – Dramatically improve your live transfers and lead generation performance. We have the top telemarketing agents and proven systems already in place. We bring you warm prospects and leads; all you need to worry about is closing the sale.

  • Access to Expert Skills Instantly – Finding and hiring experienced telemarketing agents for your internal operations is difficult and expensive. Plus, the turnover rates are extremely high. Outsourcing your telemarketing to us will give you immediate access to our impressive talent pool and tried and true systems. All this, without any HR headaches!


3. Full Transparency and Control

You deserve to see the impact and return on your investment. Our reporting portal (RXR) allows outsourced telemarketing clients to receive transparent reports in real time, including the ability to: 

  • View all telemarketer activity

  • Download and save recordings

  • Communicate with the campaign manager and telemarketing team 

  • Access experienced managers’ hourly Campaign Progress Reports

Seeing the real time results of your telemarketing campaign allows you to react quickly to changes and make crucial updates scripts and rebuttals as needed. Don’t risk using an in-house telemarketer who isn’t knowledgeable enough to react and capitalize on the essential information. Our team has the skills and systems in place to ensure your telemarketing process gets leaner, meaner, and more effective with time.

4. Ensure Success

Outsourcing your telemarketing to our outbound call centers means you’ll receive the highest quality services, the latest technology, and the most knowledgeable telemarketing agents.  

  • Expanded Hours – Staffing an internal call center to reach your prospects early in the morning or late in the evening can be difficult and expensive. Hiring us will allow you to hit the ground running and quickly and easily reach your prospects at the best time.

  • Improve Technology – Don’t make massive investments in technology to manage your in-house call center operation. We’ve already made that investment! Stay on the cutting edge of technology and maintain efficiency by outsourcing your telemarketing services to us. 

Outsourcing your telemarketing campaigns to our expert team of professionals at Avatar & Echo Telemarketing is a no-brainer. You’ll make MORE money with MORE live lead transfers, appointment setting, and lead generation, all with LESS headache, hassle, and overhead. Hiring our team puts a difficult and complex business function in the hands of the experts. We allow you to focus on your core business competencies, close more deals, and make more money!

Contact Avatar & Echo Telemarketing at (800) 970-9739 or complete our online form to be contacted by a sales rep. The best business decision you’ll ever make is just a call or click away.

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