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Call Cell Phones Legally 

Click To Call SOFTWARE

100% Compliant Cell Phone Dialing Software from Avatar & Echo Telemarketing

After years of research and development, Avatar & Echo Telemarketing’s groundbreaking Call Cells Legally software is available! Our compliant cell phone product allows you dial cell phones legally. Most importantly, the Call Cells Legally software integrates perfectly with our Avatar-powered and Echo live telemarketing agents. Stay in compliance and protect your business using our Call Cells Legally software for your cold calling campaigns.

While clients are solely responsible for compliance with all other Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rules governing compliant cell phone calls, our compliant cell phone product allows you to dial cellular phones legally. Call (800) 970-9739 to learn more!

How It Works

Our Call Cells Legally software process allows a cell phone to be dialed instantly, facilitating fast and compliant dialing. Here’s how the process works:

  1. On their screen, our telemarketer sees a dialing box. In order to move to the next call, the telemarketing agent must physically click the number with their mouse. 

  2. Clicking the number initiates dialing the entire 10-digit cell phone number. 

  3. The Telemarketers wait for the “Hello” to pitch the prospects.

The Echo live telemarketing team’s hardware does not give them the capability to automatedly dial numbers a requirement for being compliant.

Is It Legal to Cold Call Cell Phones?

Our agents can telemarket cell phones legally with our click-to-call dialing platform. Since calls are human-initiated, they are 100% compliant. Our live agents can click to fundraise or create live, qualified transfers for your business to consumer campaigns. 

Don’t Risk Breaking the Law. Call Avatar & Echo Telemarketing.

Our compliant technology ensures that your cold calling campaigns are legal and effective. Our technology gives you peace of mind and sales results. Start making more sales or donations legally by partnering with the most compliant company in telemarketing. 

Contact a sales representative at Avatar & Echo Telemarketing at (800) 970-9739 to receive a FREE opinion paper as to why our telemarketing cell phone dialer system is fully compliant.

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