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Avatar Telemarketing


Soundboard Driven Zero Accent Technology for Outbound Call Centers

As experts in outsourced telemarketing, we know that telemarketers with accents make poor lead generators and donor creators. With the Avatar soundboard, accents are completely eliminated and allow our offshore telemarketers to sound like Wall Street pros. Avatar-powered agents deliver pitches with confidence and conviction and in the perfect voice every time, transforming telemarketing campaigns into money-making machines, but at a fraction of the price of traditional methods.


Interested in a virtual call center as a service for your telemarketing campaign? Our Avatar-powered outbound call center is the lowest cost answer to all of your telemarketing needs.

Easy To Start!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3-4-5!


  1. Together we develop the perfect sales pitch, including qualifying questions and rebuttals.

  2. You select the best voice that represents your campaign. Your chosen voice talent will record your script along with rebuttals, answers to frequently asked questions, and all the words and phrases likely to arise within a natural conversation.

  3. We break the recording into soundbites and attach them to the Avatar Soundboard.

  4. Your campaign launches and we create live transfers or donors.

  5. Manager your agents and track your performance with our software.


How It Works

When a prospect answers the phone, our Avatar agents push the button corresponding with the appropriate response. The prospect hears the recording and the agent listens to the prospect before selecting the next most appropriate response. The calls feel as real and natural as any conversation and it is nearly impossible to detect that the agents are conversing by pushing buttons! Avatar soundboard works like a charm.


The powerful Avatar soundboard can make any agent sound like the perfect telemarketer for your vertical. Avatar agents never sound sick, hoarse, fatigued or discouraged after getting dozens of rejections. They generate a very predictable number of qualified live transfers or donors.


Effective in Your Telemarketing Vertical

Avatar-powered agents successfully generate live lead transfers in verticals across the spectrum. As experts in Business-to-Business, Business-to-Consumer campaigns, PACS and Charities, we have a team ready for your telemarketing campaign. Call us when you are serious about making more money.


Verticals Avatar-powered agents have worked in:

Auto Insurance 
Auto Warranty 
Health Insurance 
Medical Alert 
Health Supplement 
Pain Cream 

Life Insurance 
Dental Insurance 
Final Expense 
Home Improvement 

Tax Resolution 
Credit Report/Debt 

Debt Consolidation 
Debt Settlement 
Debt Collection 
Student Loans 
Merchant Services 

Contact us: Give our sales team a call at (800) 970-9739 to learn more about Avatar campaigns.

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