Single Agent Program

Avatar & Echo 


When you’re ready to free yourself from a failure-ridden telemarketing process and try something that actually works, call us. Avatar & Echo Telemarketing specializes in outsourcing single agent telemarketing campaigns. These campaigns are hassle-free for you and provide real results. Our highly-trained, non-accented telemarketers have a proven track record of success. Single agents start at $7.00 per hour.

Call Avatar & Echo Telemarketing when you’re ready for:


  • More appointment setting

  • More lead generation

  • More live transfers

  • Less expense, overhead, and hassle

Make More Money with Live Lead Transfers

Outsource Your Cold Calling

There are many reasons why you should consider outsourcing your telemarketing. Our live lead transfer program will transform your hiring and cold calling process. If you need between one and a few live agents to work on your telemarketing campaign, our single agent telemarketing program is for you.

Outsource to Avatar & Echo Telemarketing and skip the never-ending cycle of recruiting, interviewing, on-boarding, and training new telemarketing agents. With a sky-high burnout and turnover rate for U.S.-based telemarketers, in weeks you’ll just be back on Craigslist doing the same thing again. There is no longer any need to waste your resources with the same time-suck every time you need to hire or replace a telemarketer.

How Our Single Agent Telemarketing Program Works 

Avatar & Echo Telemarketing is not a recruiting company. We don’t hire unknown telemarketers and hope for the best. We extensively train and test telemarketing agents in our American-run call centers, outsourcing only the highest quality telemarketers with experience and motivation.

  • All telemarketers in our single agent telemarketing program are: 

  • College graduates

  • Drug-tested and background-checked

  • Telesales experienced with at least six months in our call center

  • Proven, with a track record of hitting sales goals

  • Perfect attendance record holders

  • Able to self-manage

  • Experienced with sales reporting/goal-setting

  • Comfortable scheduling appointments

  • Competent in identifying qualified prospects

  • Able to memorize and deliver sales scripts

  • Knowledgeable on how to deliver a sales pitch through the Avatar soundboard and how to handle objections and evasions

Skip the Headache & Stop Wasting Time
We outsource only the best single agent telemarketers by providing all the following hiring requirements:


  • Background criminal checks        

  • Speech training

  • Management

  • English comprehension testing 

  • Office space    

  • Payroll

  • New computers

  • Telephone (unless you provide)    

  • Full HR package

  • Telegram

  • IT support

  • Skype 

All you need to do is: 

  1. Set their schedule

  2. Supply a script

  3. Provide the call list

  4. Get us the credentials to set them up on dialers if needed

  5. Manage them as you would an in-office telemarketing agent


Interested in single agent telemarketing? Contact Avatar & Echo Telemarketing today at (800) 970-9739 to speak with one of our sales reps.