Echo Telemarketing


Accent Eliminating Software Powered Agents 

With Echo, our live telemarketing agents deliver the perfect sales pitch every time with a close to zero accent! As experts in outsourced telemarketing, we know that telemarketers with accents make poor lead generators and donor creators. With the Echo software, we tune each agent's voice so accents are minimized and allow our offshore telemarketers to sound like native English agents. Echo-powered telemarketers deliver pitches with the perfect tone thanks to our software, transforming telemarketing campaigns into money-making machines, but at a third of the price of on-shore agents. Call us to hear a before and after.


Ready to outsource your telemarketing campaign our service? Our Echo-powered outbound call center is the lowest cost, best performance answer to all of your outsourced telemarketing needs.

How It Works 

Echo Live separates the prospect’s voice and a scripted prompt. During calls, telemarketers hear prospects in their left headphone. Based on what is said, the telemarketing agent pushes the appropriate button. Then, they hear the pre-recorded response in their right headphone, with the text of the same script on their screen simultaneously. The telemarketer then echoes exactly what they hear and see to the prospect—just like karaoke! Within an hour, Echo agents are proficient and generating qualified, live, warm transfers.


Easy To Start

  1. Develop the perfect sales pitch, including qualifying questions and rebuttals.

  2. Interview and select the agents you feel are right for your campaign.

  3. Break the recording into soundbites and attach them to the Echo Soundboard.


The powerful Avatar soundboard can make any agent sound like the perfect telemarketer for your vertical. Avatar agents never sound sick, hoarse, fatigued or discouraged after getting dozens of rejections. They generate a very predictable number of qualified live transfers, which are then sent to your closers.


Make More Money With Echo

There are NO upfront costs for trying Echo! Yes, you read that right. We know our programs work and we want you as a client. With Echo, there’s no need for you to hire more staff or make additional operational expenditures. With agents on the phone consistently closing more deals, Echo pays for itself quickly.

Effective in Your Telemarketing Vertical

Echo agents successfully generate live lead transfers in verticals across the spectrum. As experts in Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer campaigns, we have a team ready for your telemarketing campaign when you are serious about closing more sales and making more money!

Verticals the Echo live process has worked in include:

Auto Insurance 
Auto Warranty 
Health Insurance 
Medical Alert 
Health Supplement 
Pain Cream 

Life Insurance 
Dental Insurance 
Final Expense 
Home Improvement 

Tax Resolution 
Credit Report/Debt 

Debt Consolidation 
Debt Settlement 
Debt Collection 
Student Loans 
Merchant Services 

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